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We want to celebrate our local community and be able to find out about all events, venues and all things going on in one place. Stop clicking and searching, just use Get It Sorted.

  • See all event listings & purchase tickets.
  • Know all the local pubs, restaurants, cafĂ© & eateries.
  • Historical locations, art exhibtions & craft markets.
  • All businesses great & small from plumbers to bankers.

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Discover our local heritage, culture and all the hidden places. See the community from every angle and immerse yourself in Drogheda. Find out what is happening now, today or next week.


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What is Get It Sorted all about

Our unique view

The world has become a ridiculous global mush and we want to make it a little bit organised, but organised on a local level right here and now. We want to find a way of getting everything under one roof so to speak, but here in this time and place. So we are looking for local venues, businesses, community groups to join in this platform. Yes, a platform not a website, this is a piece of software developed here in Drogheda, by people living and working in Drogheda. Some of us are blow-ins, however, we have made Drogheda our home.

This needs to be a sustainable platform and we need to be able to keep developing it, so that it suits the needs and requirements of all of us working and living in Drogheda. So it is not free of charge, that does not help us keep on living and working in Drogheda. Therefore we give a guarantee, if you join us for an affordable subscription, we will in turn use your service or buy your products and keep the money flowing and moving around Drogheda.

We are a group of talented software engineers and web developers, some of us educated in Dundalk (it is still Louth and sure Drogheda hasn't got a tech yet). Each day we run up the stairs of 30 Saint Laurence Street to build all sorts of software and we see that Drogheda does not have a single source of truth.

For a few years we have tried different ways of making a genuinely local platform, where we can show off Drogheda. We have been thinking hard, we have been listening and talking with every type of business from craft makers to solicitors. By combining our talents and creativity we have come up with a unique solution. Yet, it will always be a work in progress, as perfection is unatainable. We will try anyway.

Behind every great platform there is structured data. We love databases and our preferred poison is MySQL, however, some of the team want to go down the Loopback rabbit hole combined with Node JS and React JS.

The PHP team are still fighting their corner and this is their project right here. This is a PHP web application and we will slowly add more JS, but we will fight to the bitter end.

We are here to help and support. We are programmers, software engineers, art historians, philosophers, writers, artists and musicians. Let us give you a guiding hand to start and then you can edit your stuff.

If needed we will even teach you how to code.